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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Celebrating Admins and all the amazing work they do and lives they impact!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! To all you admins out there, I just want to thank you for the incredible impact you have every day on those around you. Six years ago, my life was changed when I hired an executive assistant for the first time, and I believe my story represents thousands of leaders out there. If you know an EA, read how my life was impacted and thank them for the impact they’ve had on so many lives around them.

In 2016, I had just started a new role as President of a company. I quickly found myself overwhelmed and buried. I was working late, missing my kids’ activities, and unreliable at work. I had just gotten feedback from my leadership team that I was slow to respond to requests and was generally unavailable. I felt stuck, miserable, burned out, and I wasn’t doing any part of life well.

Shortly after, I was advised to hire an executive assistant. My initial response was…

“What would they do? They couldn’t help me with all this stuff. It’d take me forever to train them and even then, I could never fully convey all my preferences and the important details of my job.”
So I continued to live the reality of my recent post…if you don’t have an assistant, YOU are the assistant.

Luckily for me, I was soon convinced that I needed to hire an executive assistant, a life-changing decision for me. Within months of hiring Sarah, I was more organized, reliable, and available. This resulted in me being a better leader, husband, father, and friend. I was so impacted by this life-changing hire that a few years later, I started a software company Emmre to help maximize the effectiveness of the strategic partnership between executives and executive assistants.

If you are an administrative professional, you are changing lives and you deserve to be celebrated! Thank you for everything that you do every day.

Thank you to the administrative professionals who have indirectly supported me over the years - Anna, Megan, Amy, Rhonda, and Debbie. A SPECIAL thank you to the administrative professionals who have directly supported me and hugely impacted the way I live life and lead - Kristie and Sarah.

Thank you all for being AMAZING at your jobs!!!

Emmre - Software for Assistants and Leaders

Emmre is executive assistant software created by an executive and assistant for executives and assistants. Emmre's mission is to help supercharge productivity and maximize the strategic partnership between executives and executive assistants.

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