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Emmre Plans

Executive Briefings


(Single user)

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The President of the United States gets a daily briefing.  Shouldn't your executive?

  • 1 EXECUTIVE HUB: One place for you to organize tasks & questions for you and your executive.

  • EXECUTIVE BRIEFINGS: Help your executive prepare, plan, & prioritize their day by providing visibility into deadlines, upcoming tasks, completed work, & other critical updates.

  • EXECUTIVE BRIEF SHARING: You can send these power briefings via Text, Email, Slack, Teams or any other messaging tool.

  • ASSISTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Emmre will notify you when your executive answers questions, updates tasks, or provides comments.

  • TASK MANAGEMENT: Organize your tasks with Due Dates & Times, Reminders, Recurring, Priority, Notes, Checklists, Projects, Tags, & Attachments.

  • QUESTION MANAGEMENT: Add questions to your Executive Brief to clear roadblocks & keep things moving forward. [Yes/No • Multiple Choice • Open-Ended Questions]

Coming Soon!



(Per Executive Hub user, unlimited users)

Perfect for the Assistant & Executive wanting to fully leverage their strategic partnership.

  • Everything in Assistant Pro, PLUS...

  • MESSAGING: Emmre creates a dedicated communication channel to cut through the noise, eliminate distractions, and stay in sync with your strategic partner.

  • SHARED TASK LIST: Provide visibility into what tasks each of you are working on.

  • INTERACTIVE TASKS:  Send tasks through chat or convert any message into a task (automatically sending it to your task list). Thread messages within a task for complete context.

  • INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS: Send questions via chat with pre-populated answers; your executive can answer with a click of a button.

  • INTERACTIVE EXECUTIVE BRIEFINGS: Ability to interact within Emmre on all Brief items.

  • THEIR DAY: See what your Executive has put on their "My Day" – giving visibility into their priorities, allowing you to mind read, dive in, & help.

  • ADD TEAM MEMBERS: Add an unlimited number of Non-Executive Hub users as team members and chat, send tasks, & ask questions through CHANNELS.

    (Per Non-Executive Hub user, unlimited users)



We believe in the power of the partnership between Assistants and those they support – but this doesn't just happen by default...

Leverage the platform that was built to overcome obstacles, keep you in sync, & help you successfully accomplish your Executive's one job with two people.

We've created this Emmre Business Case Letter to help you articulate the value of Emmre to your Executive.


You've made a significant investment in your Executive Assistant. When you optimize your partnership your Assistant can help you do more of what only you can do.

Focus on what you each do best to achieve stellar results and get back more time to focus on what matters most.  Your Assistant can be a game changer!

Click below to send a pre-populated email asking your Assistant to set up a Free Emmre Trial and then invite you to join. 


Common Questions

Do you restrict features with the free trial?

No way!  We want you to experience all it can do for you during your free trial.

Do you have a setup cost?

Nope! Emmre plans are month-to-month with no setup fees or hidden gotchas - we want you to be up and running quickly & easily. Cancel anytime.

What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit card brands.

Will it evolve & get better?

Yes!  We are committed to building a product that helps you be incredibly productive - giving you time back to focus on what is most important. We value (and encourage!) feedback to know how we can make it even better.

Do you have special pricing for Virtual Assistant firms or Enterprise customers?

Definitely! We'd love to chat with you to discuss your unique needs and tailor a plan specific to your situation.

Get in touch with us.

What about Security?


Developing Emmre through the experience of an executive working with an assistant, Emmre takes data security and confidentiality very seriously. We understand the potential information that is shared and stored in Emmre. We have taken the below cautions and implemented the below systems for that reason.

Data at Rest
All of our data is stored in managed databases on the cloud provider Digital Ocean, and all our databases are encrypted at rest. We also use Digital Ocean's firewalls to carefully control access to the databases, and all connections to the database are also encrypted. Additionally, certain types of information, such as your password, are encrypted in such a way that nobody even with access to the database could see it.

Data in Transit
When data is sent from our servers to your web browser or mobile device an encrypted connection is used, meaning even if you're on public wifi in a coffee shop, your traffic can't be snooped on by other people connected to the same wifi endpoint.

Security Policies
We have security policies that indicate who can look at data in the database and when they are allowed to do so. In summary, only our founders have access to the databases. We also only look at data in the database for customer support and analytical purposes. When we look at the data, we use tools that strip out sensitive information such as message contents, task names, task descriptions, checklist items, channel names, etc. In the very rare occasion there is a specific customer need to go in the data, one of two authorized people with restricted access carefully access the information.

Security Testing
All of our processes that pull data from the databases have automated testing that checks specifically to make sure that individuals can never see data that have not been given access to.

Supercharge Your Productivity.  Maximize Your Effectiveness.

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