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The Emmre Story

We know Executives and Executive Assistants because that's who we are.

At Emmre, we wanted to build something specifically for you! As the CEO of an organization, I know the pressures that pull at your time and energy. Three years ago I was working too much, getting too little done, and working with tools that weren't created for the unique partnership between an Executive and Executive Assistant.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I began building Emmre with one goal in mind, to get time back! For the last year, I’ve been using it every day with my EA. We’ve been working to ensure it allows the highest levels of collaboration and the ability for us to focus on what matters most by doing what we do best.

We've been where you've been - frustrated by the tools currently available. I believe the relationship between an Executive Assistant and Executive can be one of the most powerful partnerships in the workforce.

Our goal is to help you harness that partnership and achieve your goals!

Our Team

Don Harms

Founder & CEO

Kristie Webber

EA to Founder/CEO

Phil Ripperger

Head of Technology

Why Emmre?

Emmre means time.

My goal when starting Emmre was to give back to the community of busy Executives and Executive Assistants.

Give back time.

I had the privilege of living in Ghana, West Africa, for three years with my family. Emmre is the word for time in the local dialect of the people we got to live with. It just fit!

Our Mission

To build a product that Executives and Executive Assistants love.

Our Belief

The Executive and Executive Assistant partnership is one of the most powerful partnerships in the workforce and is worth investing in!

Our Promise

We are using the product everyday right alongside of you. We will continually work to make this a better product.

Our Approach

We are new, small and scrappy. We want to hear from you, we want to improve our product, and we want to partner with you.