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Emmre Assistant Pro: Created for Assistants to better support their Executives.

Shared To-Do List: Executive Assistants can not only keep track of their to-dos but also their Executives' as well. This helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Question Management: Executive Assistants can create easy-to-answer questions that can later be sent on Executive Briefings.

Executive Briefings: Send these powerful updates to your Executive to provide important insights, give visibility to key tasks, and ensure critical questions get answered.

Emmre Assistant Pro


Emmre Partnership

Build a More Strategic Partnership

Emmre Partnership: The ultimate tool for Executives and Executive Assistants looking to maximize their partnership.

Dedicated Channel of Communication: Use Emmre to reduce the noise and ensure messages are never missed and responses are not delayed.

Close the Loop Feedback: Send messages as tasks, convert normal messages to tasks, 'Complete' tasks, and Emmre will automatically close the feedback loop, giving your Executive peace of mind.

Daily Prioritization: Using our "My Day" Process executives can prioritize their day and give visibility to their executive assistants allowing them to jump in and tackle what's most important without any meetings, messages, or requests.


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Built for Executives & Assistants by an Executive & Assistant.

Years ago as the CEO of a SaaS company, our founder found himself stressed and frustrated in what felt like a futile attempt to keep his head above water. He had to find a better way.

He and his assistant began searching for a tool powerful and effective enough for the demands of their roles but never found it. So they began creating "the better way."

A software platform grew from those humble beginnings, becoming a tool they relied on to maximize their effectiveness and experience incredible results.

Our dream with Emmre is to now help other Executives & Assistants experience those same benefits.


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