Encourage Your Executive

We all need encouragement (your Executive does, too!)

I know as Executive Assistants, often you do not get the encouragement you need and deserve from your managers. That frustrates me, because we all need encouragement.

Speaking of all of us needing encouragement, how often do you as an EA encourage your executive?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it.

Maybe you’ve always assumed that they are full of confidence and don’t need your encouragement.

Maybe you’ve assumed they already get so much encouragement through their role that your voice wouldn’t matter to them.

Maybe some or all of that is true, however, I’d guess that 9 out of 10 times, those things are not true.
I can think of countless times when I worked for weeks on a presentation for the company, gave it, and didn't get a word of feedback. There were also many times when I went out of my way to help someone or sacrificed for the team without a thank you.

I remember one of those times happened shortly after I hired Kristie. I was feeling discouraged after a big presentation and I was wondering if anyone cared. In that moment Kristie came over and said, “I thought your presentation was really good today. I know people appreciate it even if they don’t tell you.” It was a risk for her, but it meant a lot to me. Over the years, Kristie was often the only one who encouraged me at work. I always appreciated it. I always needed it. Many times because of confidentiality, she was the only one that actually knew what I was working on, and I saw her go out of her way to thank me especially when she knew that no one else would be aware.

It can be a critical role you play as an executive assistant that more than likely isn’t on your job description. Don’t underestimate the role you can play in encouraging your Executive. We all need encouragement.

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