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Launching Early 2022

We are just about to launch Emmre! I can’t even believe I’m saying that. As we wind down 2021, I’ve been reflecting on what an amazing year it has been even with all the challenges we’ve all faced along the way. Eight months ago, I ventured out to pursue making a software application that would change the way executive assistants work with executives. Six years ago, shortly after hiring my first executive assistant who changed everything about my career, I started thinking about the day I would launch this product. 

Join Our First 100 User Club! 

Want to help us make Emmre an amazing software for executives and executive assistants? Join our first 100 user club and help shape Emmre into a tool that helps maximize this amazing partnership. Last week, we opened 25 spaces to people that desired a very hands-on onboarding experience and were willing to commit to giving us feedback and jumping on video calls to help us improve our software. Because of our intentional approach, we only opened up 25 spaces. Those spaces were filled within 6 days even though two of those days were Christmas Eve and Christmas! Because of that response, we have decided to open up another 75 spaces, albeit with a slightly modified experience (see more below).

Thank You Beta Testers

The last few months, we’ve been beta testing and iterating on our product to improve it to a point where we were ready to launch. Thank you so much to those who have beta tested our product and given us feedback. Each one of you has put up with a product that was incomplete, buggy, confusing to use, and constantly changing. I’m forever thankful for your willingness to jump in, and your feedback has been priceless! 

Want To Be Part Of Our First 100 Users Club?

Although we wish the product was perfect and that we could implement 100% of the feedback we’ve gotten so far, we’ve decided Emmre is finally far enough along to launch. We are planning on a phased rollout to help ensure we can give the best experience possible. We plan to launch to an initial 25 people then to 25 more each week until we feel comfortable that we’ve caught any last-minute items before opening up to the general public. We are currently planning on onboarding 100 users over the first 4 weeks following launch.  

Last Monday, we opened to 25 people. As I mentioned above, we got a great response and filled those spaces within 6 days. We are now opening to our first 100 users (75 spaces still available).  

Our Commitment To Our First 100 Users

Although we can’t give the next 75 users the same hands-on experience that our first 25 will be receiving, we do want it to be an excellent, engaging, and rewarding experience for all that join. To this group of users, we commit that our CTO or myself (CEO) will respond directly to every email you send us during your first 6 weeks of usage. I also commit to doing a video call with any of you that would be willing to meet to provide us feedback on your experience with Emmre. I will open my calendar for up to seventy-five 30-minute video calls in the first 6-8 weeks after you begin using our software.  

Our Ask Of Our First 100 Users

We are looking for 100 users that want to help shape a tool that truly impacts the executive-executive assistant partnership. We know we very much need your feedback to make an amazing software that fulfills our mission to be the go-to software for all executives and executive assistants that want to maximize their partnership. As part of our first 100 users, all we ask is that you engage with our software and give us feedback. You’ll have a two-week free trial period where you will have access to all our features. As you begin using it, we would love your feedback on the following…

      • What was intuitive? 
      • What was challenging?
      • What features do you find the most helpful?
      • What features are still needed?  

As you decide whether you are going to become a customer (absolutely no obligation), we’d also love to hear what drove you to join Emmre as an ongoing customer or what kept you from continuing with our product?

Either way, we can only get better by hearing from you!

The Benefits For Our First 100 Users

We are asking you for your feedback, so what do you get in return? We hope that you enjoy getting early access to our software and being a part of shaping the future of a tool built specifically for you, but we also want to thank you for signing up early and making this commitment with a lifetime discount. 

Lifetime 50% Discount

So as part of our first 100 users, you will receive a 50% lifetime discount on our software. No matter what version you go with or what our prices are, you will always get 50% off what others pay. Our plan is to create a very premium product and our go-to-market strategy will have very little discounting. In the future, we may run some short-term small percentage off discounts, but we have no plans to ever offer anything like this again. With only 75 spaces remaining, don’t wait to reserve your place to give us feedback and be part of our first 100 users.  

I’m incredibly grateful to be here right now on the verge of launching this software to you. My hope is Emmre becomes the go-to software for executives and executive assistants. We desire to build something that you all love and find extremely valuable. That is our goal. We will do everything we can to make that a reality. We can’t do it without you! Thank you!

Emmre – Join the First 100 Club


Emmre - Software for Assistants and Leaders

Emmre is executive assistant software created by an executive and assistant for executives and assistants. Emmre's mission is to help supercharge productivity and maximize the strategic partnership between executives and executive assistants.

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